Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Internet death

So if you've been online for, say, more than 30 seconds today, you've no doubt seen the massive outpouring of rage towards the US government and their ridiculous, internet censoring bills, SOPA and PIPA. And I totally think this rage is justified! We should be upset that the government is stomping on our freedom. If you haven't already signed a petition or called/emailed your senators, GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR. However, the sneaky business and freedom theiving of the US government has been going on in far more ways than most people even know.  But there is hope! His name is Ron Paul, he fights for freedom, and he is running for president!

Go to Ron Paul's website.     handy button to the right ------------------------------->
Read about his stance on issues and watch his interviews.  I promise, you will fall in love with that man's honesty, character, and loyalty to the American constitutional freedoms.  

Friendly reminder: Make sure you're registered to vote!

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  1. I was so upset and made sure to sign the petition that was going around!