Sunday, January 22, 2012

gaming and gummy worms

Last night my sister, whom I fondly call Willy, spent the night. We did a lot of nothing. I also satisfied my need to squish her. It was fun :D

We gamed, talked about hair, watched chic flicks, ate gummy worms, ate ice cream, etc.
Speaking of ice cream - so I don't really understand the whole cupcake craze. Frankly, I think cake (even when it's all dolled up in cup form) is nasty.  It's like eating an old sponge. However, I stinking love cake batter ice cream and I finally found a store that sells it!

Truth be told, it's not as good as the stuff the coffee shop I worked at sold, but hey, it's edible ;)


  1. Absolutely love the pictures of you two playing the game. So cute. About cake ... I like some cake but to tell the truth, cannot remember ever having a cupcake, except for when my mom made them when I was little, but they weren't fancy. Nor have I had one of those cake pop things, where you roll up crumbled cake with icing and then dip it in icing. They do not look tasty to me. That having been said, the ice cream looks good (though I've not had cake batter ice cream either). Me = treat loser!

    Wishing you a great week.

  2. hahaha I love your gaming faces!

  3. haha we look like such goons! I had no idea I was so animated when I played.

    Loulou - you must hunt some of that ice cream out and give it a try. Although, I think it varies quite a bit between brands.