Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY: Revamped candles PART 2

So this is the PART 2 of the tutorial where I show you how to make candles. PART 1 is about how to make wicks.

YOU WILL NEED: A metal can (to use as a double boiler), pot, wax (old candles), wicks, hot glue, wax paper, tape, and toilet paper rolls
OPTIONAL: crayons - if you want colored candles

 1) Start melting the old candles in the double boiler. I used an old coffee can that I stepped on to give it a pouring 'spout'. Melting the wax doesn't require much heat. Once the water was hot, I turned the burner down as low as it would go.

2) Cut the TP roles to the height you desire. I did a range of sizes, leaving a couple uncut

3) Tightly scrunch two layers of wax paper around one end of the TP role
4) Tape the wax paper in place 
5) You can either use store bought wicks or learn to make them here (it's so easy). I made mine.
Bend the end of the wick to give it a 'foot' and put a blob of hot glue onto it. Press it firmly into the center of the wax paper. Leave about and inch of wick sticking up over the edge of the TP role.

 6) I recommend that you "prime" the bottom with wax. This makes sure that the wax paper is taped well and prevents a massive puddle of hot wax from forming on your counter if it's not.
To prime the bottom, firmly hold the tube against the counter and pour about a 1/4 inch of wax into the bottom of the tube. Chances are, the tube will turn dark as it saturates with wax and a small bit will seep out at the bottom. That is exactly what you want. If wax starts gushing out of the tube, be glad you're working on a drop cloth, allow the wax to harden, and add more wax paper and tape to the bottom.
Pour the wax into the tube. Do NOT fill all the way to the top (it makes it quite hard to peel the tube off.) Place a pin across the tube to keep the wicks centered while the wax hardens.

 7) While the wax is cooling the center may drop. Why? I don't know - just pour in more wax. 

 8) Pull the paper off and trim the wick!

Remember! Never leave a candle unattended and always put it on/in a container that won't be damaged by dripping wax.  


  1. How cool is that! Love this fantastic tutorial, including the excellent instructions on how to make your own wick. Really neat. Thanks for this Shakti :)


  2. Cool! I have a candle making kit that I have never used before.. Maybe I should try it.. :)

  3. Wow, that's incredible! I really want to make red and pink candles for Valentines day! Thanks for sharing :)