Monday, January 30, 2012

101 goals

I have finally posted my list of 101 goals.  These aren't resolutions or things to achieve within an allotted amount of time (in fact, some of them don't even have a chance of happening til at least 5 years from now) but things I want to remember to do over the course of my life. 
I want a rich, adventure filled life :)


  1. What a fun list, I've done a few things of your list: make a dress, visit grandparents, sleep under the stars, go on a missions trip, wear colored tights, visit the ocean, run three miles, figure out my blood type (actually I forgot again, also I tried to donate blood but wasn’t allowed to due to too low values of iron in my blood), dance like a fool, Europe, portrait, South America, second language. But there are so much more things I still want to do! I love goal lists like these because they remind us of big dreams and making them happen!