Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre-New Year's reflections

Now that Christmas has come to a close and all my gift cards are spent, I have been focusing my attention on the coming *new* year.  Thinking about my future inevitably causes me to reflect on my past.
I analyze things like childhood passions, fleeting friendships, and the meaning of bike riding in the alley. Oh, and remember Giga pets and Tamagotchis? Mine was the ultimate in awesome: a baby T-rex.  Geez, I loved and nurtured that thing. Until, you know, I didn't. ha!

This list, 10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children, phrased those loveable electronics like this:
At some point, we carried around little plastic eggs with tiny screens on them — in these screens lived our hearts, our pets, our raison d’etre, our very own Tamagotchi. We loved them, we listened to their tiny electronic screams of malnourishment, and we occasionally forgot to pick up their poop for long enough that they died a tortured, poop-filled death. They were perhaps our first foray into the life-consuming world of electronics and self-absorption, later to be fully manifested by Facebook.
Was that not the most perfect way of summing them up? The rest of that list is definitely worth a read. I couldn't help but grin and snicker my way through it.
Long live Lisa Frank!

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