Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The kitchen nearly killed me

I am done with finals! So happy! I've been looking forward to recuperating from the semester for weeks now and it's finally here!  Unfortunately, I am not the only thing that needs to recuperate. Our apartment is a wreck and needs some serious sprucing up. Especially the kitchen.  (I'm going to be real here and bust myself out of the glorious gleam of Blogland and share some pics that are incredible incriminating...) Look at my poor, poor kitchen.

Such neglect! And that's just the dishes. There is a mountain of recycling to be dropped off and the stove is piled high with things too big to fit on the counter. Let's just say the kitchen reached a level of 'bad' this past week that it's never seen before. I, of course, blame Calculus that we had to resort to eating cereal out of tupperware and that frying pan is gross.
So guess what I did this morning!? Dishes!  I literally had to unbury the sink and since there was no open counter space there were heaps of dirty dishes on the floor.

Much, much better. It actually looks like a place you could eat out of now!

I thought our living room was really messy, but once I carried all the dirty dishes to the kitchen it wasn't too bad. Now all I have to do is maintain the cleanliness. Paper plates?  ;)