Friday, December 2, 2011

A few of my favorite things: ornaments

I love old Christmas ornaments!  Last year Keith and I spent several afternoons making the rounds at various thrift stores looking for awesome vintage ornaments. Fortunately, we found some AND my mom-o gave us some! Happy day!
These are some of my favorite.

My mom gave us these little glass bulbs. I believe they were my great-grandma's but I'm really not sure. I nearly peed when I opened the box and saw them. They are so dainty and vibrant! It still amazes me that the teensy little bulbs have the original green box. I only wish there was more of the tinsel garland.

 So tiny and sweet!

I have a serious soft spot in my heart for things that are flocked so we I came across these deer I knew they would be coming home. There are six in the set. I think they were originally mounted on something because they have little holes in their bellies but I love them anyways. Oh, did I mention the whole lot cost 50 cents?

Since I am Dove I can't resist cute bird ornaments. If it's a bird AND flocked, like the cream bird above, Omigahh-LOVE.  That sweet little flocked thing was in really shabby shape so she only cost 10 cents (Yes, 10 cents). I gave her a bit of a makeover and some new sequins and she is happy to be on our tree.
I believe the turquoise bird was made by my great-grandma. Growing up this was my favorite ornament to put on the tree. A couple years ago my mom confessed that she nearly got rid of it. Good thing she didn't or tears would have been shed.

These are just random ornaments we found and loved. Some are part of a set, the others are lonely.

I love that these ornaments are chippy and make a fragile "tink" sound and that they have a history. These things are so pretty it's really a shame they only see day light one month a year. 

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