Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas snaps from 2011

These are some of the random pics I took over the holiday weekend. Much like the Thanksgiving holiday, my family and I lived in our PJs for the entire Christmas weekend. Such luxury!

This kitty is such an attention hog! Good thing she is so loveable.
Note that I'm sporting the half-dressed, half-PJ look (clearly, early in the weekend) :P

My stocking! We all have stockings like this, but not identical. They are so precious and one of my favorite things about Christmas. I believe my mom's was made by her Grandma and everyone else's  was made by my Aunt. Such talented ladies!
That beautiful blue and white ornament came from my Great Grandma and is an antique. Sadly, it's the only one like it left as all the others were broken when we were little and lived in a house with wood floors.

 My sister doing yoga poses in her sleep under a wad of blankets and a cozy quilt made by my Grandma B. I love that she only has one sock on!

Christmas morning! Jenna was sooo excited she had the largest present in the room. I told her it was her coffin hehehe  It was a trampoline.

What a wonderful Christmas! I am so blessed!


  1. i'm pretty sure i will never get tired of reading Christmas posts :) glad yours was wonderful :)

  2. The joke about the coffin made me laugh, hehehe :-) It's fun to look at these pics, it looks like you had a very cozy Christmas, I love it! :-)


  3. Great Grandma made up through Ptarmi and maybe Coop. I just made the fifth one for Ptarmi's baby:)