Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cards of Christmas cheer

I have a confession.
I was going to be a total scrooge this year and not send out Christmas cards.
Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) a barrage of lovely cards came to us.

After I hung some of them up and stood back to admire them I started to feel a bit guilty. I mean, these people obviously think about us enough to write a card... maybe we should return the gesture? And geez, it's still a couple weeks away from Christmas - how many more cards (pieces of guilt) are going to come in?
Sooo, I caved. We are sending out cards.
To make it more interesting, I gave myself a challenge: Make 60 Christmas cards without spending more than $5.00. Totally conquered that challenge! Assuming, we can pick up 60 envelopes for under $5.00.
** Let me just say that I have the most awesome husband in the world. I totally planned on making the cards by myself but Keith jumped right in.

Last night our living room floor became craftacular and we churned these lovelies out like we knew what we were doing.

I think they turned out so cute, even if some of them look like they were made by a 4 year old ;)
I was going to write a verse inside but the silver sharpie I was using was too fat. It was also too much writing for my poor hand. 

Keith got really into card making:

In case you can't tell, it's an elephant behind a pile of snow.  When he first showed it to me I thought it was a boulder (oops!). My excuse was that I was looking at it from across the room and it didn't have the santa hat yet.  Valid, right?


  1. They turned out beautifully! Your friends will love them.

    Loulou Downtown

  2. Whaha love your elephant card :D