Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tinkling bells

While yesterday was mostly homework... so. much. homework...I did manage to pop into a store to treasure hunt for cute vintage Christmas things. I was really hoping for something flocked but no such luck. I did, however, find these sweet little bells! I think it's the fact that they are on the original card that really gets me. If the bells were just on a string or in a bag I don't think I would have gotten them. They do make a lovely tinkling sound though :)

See, my couch is smothered under papers. Poor thing. Exciting news (to me anyways) - despite my severe procrastination I was able to churn out a 9 page paper in a matter of hours. And no, it's not sloppy and flung together, it actually turned out really well. Not bad, huh?


Oh, see that Acer computer? LOVE that machine. Acers are wonderful, wonderful computers that are super affordable. If you need a new laptop get one of these. This is my second Acer - the one previous I used for FOUR years and it updated and reformatted like a dream.