Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mmm Mmm Good

I don't know if all Big Lots are like this or just the one here but ours has some freaking weird stuff in the food isle. All sorts of rejected off-brand munchies and beverages. One of the things Keith and I like to do feed our sense of adventure (or more likely because we are idiots who think it’s funny to torture their tongues) is to spend $5.00 on "edible" things we've never heard of.
Sometimes the things we buy are actually really tasty and we return to the store and buy all that are on the self. More often they are super, ultra nasty and we challenge and dare each other to take one more gulp.

Now, I know your hoping for a story of something I ate that was really gruesome and made me vomit but that just isn’t the case today. Sorry. Actually, quite the opposite.
We discovered Italian Nutella called Nutkoa. Oohmigahh! Soooo stinking tasty! AND it comes in a cute glass mug that has a snap on lid! Oh yes, handy.
I guess, to be honest, it's a bit different than Nutella but you get the gist..
We celebrated our good pick by pairing it with graham crackers and turning on Netflix for a couch date :)

Do you have a Big Lots store near you? If you do you need to go there right this instant. You shall not be disappointed. 

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