Friday, November 4, 2011

I raised

As a special treat, my metals prof brought in a guest artist, Loring Taoka, to do a demonstration on raising.
Look what I did!
I took a flat sheet of brass and after 4 hours (which sounds like a ridiculously long time but keep in mind everyone is sharing equipment) of hammering, annealing, and pickling, raised it into a bowl. :)

 As you can see it's not completely finished but it actually looks like a bowl and that makes me excited. Not too shabby for a first attempt, huh. A few more rounds of hammering to smooth out the ruffles in the lip and then it would be ready for polishing. The nice thing is that I used a plastic hammer so I don't have to sand away all the little blemishes that metal hammers leave.

Very soon I will be posting Project 2.
I love metals so much. You should try it, it's so satisfying.