Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY: egg carton Christmas tree

For the past few years my family has done a Christmas craft together, just something that gets us all crowded around the table and our fingers sticky and caked with glitter. We've made ornaments the past few years but the tree is getting rather full.

As I was the instigator of this tradition it is my duty to figure out what exactly we are going to make.
There are basically only 3 requirements:
1) Easy - it must be able to be completed in a couple hours
2) Not toooo tacky.  A little tacky can be good. That way next year when it's pulled out of the Christmas box we can all giggle and reminisce. On the other hand, it must not be so tacky that when I tell my mom about it she raises her eyebrows.
3) Visually pleasing!

This year I decided to make little Christmas trees that could go on a shelf or as a table center piece.

These are the prototypes I did of the trees - they turned out so well I thought I would share  :)

NOTE: Depending on the size of the tree more than one egg carton may be needed.

 1) Using the writing utensil I didn't say you needed draw a 'pizza slice' on the cardboard and cut it out. This is your tree so make it whatever size you want :) If you want to make a really large tree use a piece of poster board.
2) This step is OPTIONAL. Cover the logo/printed side of the cardboard by gluing a pretty sheet of scrapbook paper over it.

3) Bend the cardboard into a cone and secure it with tape. If needed trim the bottom so that it stands straight.
4) Cut petal shaped branches about 1.5 inches long out of the egg carton. This part can get a bit tedious but don't give up!

6) Using the hot glue attach a row of branches all the way around the base of the cone.
7) Continue adding rows of branches to the cone, make sure to overlap them tightly, like fish scales.

8) Now that the tree is full of branches it's time to apply the glitter! The easiest and least messy way to do this to have everything set up before the tree is sprayed with the glue.
      > First, have a sheet of paper to catch the excess glitter and the bottle of glitter ready.
      > Second, over a tarp (or outside) cover the tree in spray adhesive.
      > Third, over the sheet of paper cover the tree with glitter! The paper makes it easy to dump  
              the excess glitter back into the bottle.
9) Using hot glue attach sequins
10) Glue on the tree topper.
***** The can is not necessary - I simply used it to prop the cone up while I was working.

To make the pink tree I dyed the egg carton using RIT fabric dye. All other steps are the same. If you decide to color your tree my advice is to dye it the night before - it takes awhile to dry.

 - - -
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  1. Beautiful! I love your egg carton trees. Such a great idea.

    Loulou Downtown

  2. Ohh - This is so cute! I need to get on my Christmas decorations this weekend! And thanks for submitting to Deck The Blogs!


  3. That is crazy cool! You can't even tell it's homemade. You're one crafty lady :)