Friday, October 28, 2011

Wire art

Gahhh! Do you see these paperclips!
Color AND typography!

They came from The Spoon Sisters 
but I found them here first.

I found them through a search for porcelain numbers. Got to love Google, right? 
Obviously I was charmed so I ran a quick search over at the original source, The Spoon Sisters, but they didn't turn up.  At first my heart was a bit sad because I don't think they make them anymore. But then I can to my senses and thought, "Would I pay $6.00 for 10 paperclips? Heck no."  (What can I say? I'm a broke college student.)

I did however find these little 'stache paperclips on Spoon Sisters and they are pretty cute too.
Unfortunately, the price... :(
Now that I think about it maybe I would pay for those number clips. I would then justify it by framing them and hanging them in the bathroom.... 
Mmmm wire art :D