Saturday, September 11, 2010


Instead of making awesome things for Good night, Squid all summer.... I've been making wedding decorations!

I get married in 3 WEEKS!

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  1. A letter to your Dad from your Grandmother:

    Hi Lark and Greg - Thank you so much for all your hospitality on your very busy and wonderful wedding weekend. We all had such a great time and Sarah and Andrew wished they were nearer to spend more time with you all - as we do too. Sarah had a marvelous time with your girls. Everything was so well done - and I realized what a great time we had as I described all the details of all the events to my exercise class ladies today - last week's classes got cancelled.
    Everything went well including flights on time and good seats, nice car rented, excellent hotel rooms and breakfasts - Sarah and I had a great suite next to John/Andrew's double room, which also worked well after the wedding, when Chris Donna Brian and Kelley came up to watch a game and chat and talk about Thanksgiving. And had a beer or something! Donna's brother Steveand family are hosting their Thanksgiving this year with a crowd of about 24, so we have been invvited down there the weekend before Thanksgiving to celebrate with them. And that will be nice. We can all stay over if we wish - to be decided.

    Had a nice note from Kali this week, saying how stressed she had been and had dropped a course. Good for her - no point doing too much and making her life miserable. She does work hard. And she looked amazing . Good for her.

    The wedding was absolutely gorgeous - a great tribute to all your planning, hard work, talents, dressmakng abilities, etc. I can'tbelieve you were so calm Lark, the night before the wedding making Shakti's velvet stole. I am sure she appreciated it. It did get a bit cool, tho it was nice to be able to go and get warmed up, and just right that they had the square dancing. That was fun, and everyone can participate. All the food was exceptional, and many thanks and kudos to the gentleman who made the beautiful, huge display of delicious cheescakes. The photoframe decor in the barn was excellent too. Especially where the frames were the setting for photos. Clever. However, looking at all you planned and accomplished, at home, with the dresses, the meals, the reception , the barn, the church - you all did a ton of work, and it was all beautiful. Couldn't have been nicer, more sincere, more personalized, more lovely. And the best part, - they both seemed to be so much in love with each other - Shakti so radiant, and Keith not able to take his eyes off her.

    So now we will all pray that all will continue to go well, that they will settle in nicely and get the jobs they need to keep them going. I would like their new address when it is convenient. Shakti told me they had found a cute little place to live. We do wish them well.

    And hope their trip went well. Now must get on with a few things here. Had the cushion covers of my couch and chairs cleaned, picked them up today, and now they need to be put on - which will take longer than pulling them off. Mylawn is getting mowed as I type - probably for the last time this year. Brought some of my plants in 2 nights ago and still have to decide where they will all live. Sarah has a tennis match today against Saratoga at Saratoga, so I wll be going up there in an hour. She is doing well. Adam had some golf lessons and loved them, but is now back on to computer games every chance he has (has to do his homework first). I think I am near the end. Again,so many thanks. Time with you too short - but we will look forward to next time. Much love to you all. God bless. Mom/Sheila

    PS. Am debating going to London and to Kieran's country house for Christmas, and to Florida with Tonnette for a week in January. (invitation overload). Will decide soon! Godbless!