Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Garage Makeover: PAINT! - p. 4

If you've been keeping tabs on our garage revamp then this is the post you've been waiting for. Because really, as much as you've enjoyed part 1, part 2, and part 3, I know that you just want to see the before and after already.....

Let me rewind a tad and talk you through what we did since power washing.

Paint was the biggie. Primer, if you will, because technically, the only thing we applied to the walls is Kilz (my fave, my hero). We originally had the idea of using the paint sprayer but quickly realized that that was not the best option for the thirsty, bare cinder block parts. By rolling we were able to apply it thicker and quicker. We did, however, spray the window trim and doors bits to spare ourselves from the horror of cutting.

Once we got the paint on the walls it felt so bright and big we might have done a bit of frolicking. Toaster just laid in front of the fan looking unimpressed with our moves.

Now let's talk about the floor. 
Originally, we wanted to put epoxy down. In a perfect world we would have but here is how the situation went...
We bought the generic, boring grey even though we had a pretty color picked out because the size kit we thought we needed was not customizable. Then we got home and realized that our garage was about 100ft bigger than we thought. Crazy what you learn when you take the time to measure, right? Because 100ft is a decent number we decided that maybe we should up-size the kit. At this point I got excited because that meant we could get a COLOR! That night, instead of rolling epoxy, I read a few more forums so that I would be extra prepared for the next days rolling. But after reading the forums (the best place for advice, amirite?) I realized that our cracked and chipped concrete floor was really not in the best shape to paint. We were being overly optimistic. In fact, it probably would have looked worse had we painted, since it would have not held long term because of moisture and flaking issues.
Thank God we had a returnable grey kit and had not just spent $200 on colored floor epoxy.

I will say that I am glad we had planned on laying epoxy because it motivated us to degrease the floor. The grime was quite thick in a several spots. The floor needed a good soaking AND a date with the scraper to get it back to a respectable state. If you are wondering about our choice of degreaser, we selected Green Envy because it had a rebate. Happily, it worked.

The best part about finishing all of this? My kitchen is no longer housing the garage contents. This makes me sooo happy.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Word crimes

Just in case you aren't keeping up with the cool...

PS - Back in the day, I totally thought his name was Weird Owl. D'oh!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pretty Prints by Art and People

Just wanted to share the Art and People Etsy shop with you. I cannot get over the colors!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life Lately

 1_ Keith and I worked a booth one afternoon at the fair. We didn't do the rides, but we did do the food.
2_ This little guy was hanging out by our hose. See how big and scary he is?
3_ New reads.

Would you agree that some weeks are just hard?
That some weeks make time travel so much more appealing because if only you could go back and undo a few things. Last week was one of those - the sort where it took serious effort to remember God's goodness. Honestly, I'm glad last week is long gone.
This week is already better.

4_ Summer treats for Toaster. Would you believe me if I said that she eats ice cream cones slower than i do? I couldn't believe how delicately she ate it.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Garage Makeover: Powerwashing - p.3

This is what the garage looked like when we finished cleaning up the mess we made ripping out the beam in Part 2. So, so much improved from what we started with, but it still had a thick coat of grime.

To give the garage a proper cleaning we decided that a powerwasher was the obvious way to go.
In my mind, powerwashing was going to be the easy, no-brainer part of this whole process. And it was, but first it was the most infuriating. You see, we were on our third powerwasher before we got one that worked. Here is how everything went...

Borrow first powerwasher. Hook it up and realize that while it does put water out of the hose, it's not pressurizing it.

Here is a picture of Keith admitting that the powerwasher was winning the battle and calling to ask what the powerwasher "trick" was. Turns out there was no trick. BROKEN!

Admit defeat for the night but source another powerwasher that could be picked up first thing in the morning.

Rise and shine! Drive across town to get said powerwasher. Get back home, hook it up and immediately realize that all is not well. There should not be water gushing out of the bottom.

*Enter visions of scrubbing the entire garage by hand with a bucket of dish-soapy water and stiff bristled brushes*
**try not to pitch a Fit of Frustration**
*** Decide that I am done trying to be cheap. I will rent a powerwasher. From a place that has rooms and rooms full of the things so at least one is guaranteed to work. ***

Drive back across town, return the offending peice of machinery, rent the most glorious water spouter there ever was.

Get the garage clean.